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March 2nd




159 cm (5'3")

Hair Color

Platinum Blonde

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status



Acrobatic Performer
Second Ship's Fighter

Personal Status



Older brother (deceased)
Younger brother

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Aya Endō

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Tsukumo (ツクモ Tsukumo?) is a Circus Second Ship's Fighter and Hirato's subordinate.


A beautiful girl whose beauty is complimented by both men and women (the latter in applaud as she doesn't flatter to men), Tsukumo has long, platinum blonde hair donned in two, semi-curls with short bangs ending above her violet eyes. She's constantly wearing a serious expression on her face due to her level-headed nature, and she possesses a lean, slender figure. Her side-bangs reach to her chin, and are cut in a Cleopatra manner.


Tsukumo is highly down to earth, and has proved her dedication on numerous occasions. She's the most level-headed of the group, and tries to be the shoulder to lean on, though she has difficulty understanding the emotions of others (i.e. Jiki 's affections, Kiichi's one-sided rivalry) and seems to be slightly emotionless. Iva acts with the emotions that Tsukumo seems to lack as well as her own, hence her very strong personality and opinions. She acts as the surrogate elder sister to Nai in a way like Iva does to her, and she cares highly for the well being of all Circus members.She is compassionate, and is determined to save the people she encounters, unlike Kiichi and Jiki.

It's hinted that she possesses possible feelings for Hirato, whom she works under as his subordinate. At the very least, she displays signs of a hero-worship complex for him, and believes everything he wants her to.



It's hinted that Tsukumo has known him since she was very little, perhaps a major influence in her loyalty and dedication for him. Possibly, he may have saved her when she was little somehow. Tsukumo displays mild feelings for him, and is possible to have a hero-worship complex toward this.


Being comrades and combatant partners, it's likely that they've known each other for a very long time-- perhaps since her start on the second ship.


Highly admiring the voluptuous lieutenant, Tsukumo holds Iva in high regards and aspires to be like her one day for her strong, opinionated nature. Iva is often doting on her, and frequently dresses her up, as the two share a relationship akin to that of actual siblings.


She acts as Nai's tutor and an older-sister figure. She cares a lot about him, worrying over his health, or wondering how he is. She even made a stuffed animal for him and smiled happily when he recognized what it was even though she is bad at needlework.


Though Gareki acts coldly towards a lot of people, Tsukumo does not seem to mind, and thinks of Gareki as one of her closest friends. She and Nai made a lopsided stuffed Niji for him before he left for Kuronomei Academy.


Kiichi views Tsukumo as a rival, and constantly says provoking remarks in order to annoy her, but Tsukumo views Kiichi as a fellow friend, comrade, and kouhei. Kiichi still comes to help Tsukumo in times of danger, and Tsukumo is grateful for Kiichi being around.


Tsukumo is also a skilled acrobat, and despite her frail appearance, she is strong and capable.

Sterne (the Willfulness of the Constellations)Edit


Tsukumo using Sterne

Tsukumo's special attack. The name derives from Stern meaning Star in German.

Trajectory ArrowEdit

An attack that was performed during the cave-in with Kiichi during an undercover mission.


Tsukumo hails from one of the five strongest countries in the nation. Tsukumo has know Hirato since she was a young girl, having met him while hiding in a garden during a party. Hirato decided to have a conversation with her and noticed that she was somewhat startled and displayed somewhat guarded behavior.  It is hinted that she is from a high class family, as she was almost kidnapped but the attempt ended in failure when her older brother interfered and rescued her, which resulted in his death. Her relatives and family blamed her for the loss of who could have been a great head to the family. Due to this, Tsukumo had been blaming herself for her brother's death and depression clouded her thoughts. She tells Hirato that she notices the difference of how her parents treat her and her younger brother. Hirato, after hearing her story, stated to himself that those are not the words of the girl but rather the words of the people/adults around her. He encouraged her to find a place for herself as where she was now was not where she belonged. It was what pushed Tsukumo into eventually joining Circus.  


  • She hated insects ever since she was a child, which was shown when Yogi mentioned that the species "niji" has a diet of primarily insects.
  • She enjoys reading and studying, as well as almost all kinds of fruits (except for the madoradora).
  • She dislikes cooking (though she's not bad at it) as well as sewing, and ironically has a secret complex about her clumsy fingers.
  • A wordpress makes a blog about her "death" on episode 9 because of the hidden needle. It made some fans very sad.
  • Tsukumo is a Pisces.
  • Tsukumo had an older brother that died when trying to protcet her from a kidnapping when she was young.



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