Post-animals began to show up after we learned about the existence and the process of varuga creation.

What they areEdit

While the beginning of the story details "evolution", it usually talks about the unnatural and ghastly changes in humans. The varuga Mine is a woman with arms that can extend and grow joints, and to grow in both length and size. Post-animals 


Kiri, a former cow, is the first post-animal to appear in the story. Kiri gains strange powers and consumes poachers both for energy, and to protect the forest.

Peka, a black cat, is another post-animal. This Peka has a twist however- it can merge with its beloved owner, a little girl, to create a half-human, half-varuga post-animal hybrid. This developement is interesting, as it allows not only hybrids like Nai to exist, but for animals and humans to be able to merge to form hybrids at will.

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