The following images are listed for deletion because they lack a completed {{Fair use rationale}} tag. You can help by adding the missing information to one of these images using the template below or by posting on the image's Talk Page the number or name of the chapter or episode that it came from.

{{Fair use rationale
| Description       = <description of the image>
| Source            = <either "Karneval Manga by Touya Mikanagi" or "Karneval Anime by Manglobe">
| Portion           = <chapter or episode it was taken from>
| Purpose           = <purpose, it should usually say "To Illustrate Articles">
| Resolution        = <Low, Medium or High>
| Replaceability    = <"Only by an image of higher quality with the same licensing">
| Other Information = 

You can also help out by uploading a higher quality version of one of a poor quality image.

Media in category "Category:Candidates for Deletion (No Fair Use Rationale)"

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